Soule Sustainability Packaging

Soule Packaging is committed to incorporating and promoting business practices that respect both the earth and the environment.

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Corrugated, made from a natural, renewable, resource, is manufactured at our facility using high percentages of recycled fiber, is often used multiple times, and is recycled more than any other packaging material used today. Soule is very much involved in source reduction: using less raw material, and generating less waste.


Today there are many options for the reuse of polyurethane scrap materials. Often it is recycled and used for carpet padding, as well as being incinerated for energy recovery. In many instances, polyurethanes can be just as valuable after they have served their intended purpose and are ready to be discarded. Polyethylene scrap is ground up and then used again and again as a totally recycled product. Expanded polystyrene is pulverized and used as a mixture for potted plants allowing the soil to hold moisture.